US Customer raves about SolidCAM's Swiss CAM solution, Posts and technical support!

Why is SolidCAM a big favorite for Smooth Precision Pens machine shop for his Citizen Swiss CNC machining?

Kelvin Verrett of Smooth Precision Pens talks about his incredible experience with the easy-to-use SolidCAM, including unparalleled customer support!

Joined by MTDCNC’s Eric Hulen, Kelvin shares the seamless working of SolidCAM inside SOLIDWORKS and the ability for users to run code and simply walk away.

In addition to robust modification support, SolidCAM offers a breakthrough CNC milling toolpath technology, iMachining, which allows for extremely fast and deep machining. Watch the video to find out how this fantastic software can help your manufacturing business!

Watch the amazing video interview of Kelvin: