Joerg Vollmann-Schipper Promoted to SolidCAM Additive Business Director

Joerg Vollmann-Schipper Promoted to SolidCAM Additive Business Director


Joerg Vollmann-Schipper is promoted to SolidCAM Additive Business Director

Jörg has acted till now as SolidCAM Additive Sales Manager and, together with Robert Johnke, SolidCAM Additive Technical manager, did an excellent job in selling and supporting the first Desktop Metal systems, both Shop and Studio 2, to our SolidCAM CNC Machine Shop and Technical Education customers.

Using the facilities of SolidCAM’s combined technical centers in Germany and the US, with CNC and 3D Printing equipment, we were able to gain a lot of experience with Metal 3D printing and CNC finishing, for our SolidCAM customers’ parts.

Our first customer for the DM Shop system, @BAK Kohler Medical (seen in picture), is a 20-year veteran SolidCAM customer in Tuttlingen, Germany, who uses SolidCAM for the CAM programming of his Sim5X, Mill-Turn, and Swiss CNC machines.

As our SolidCAM Additive Global Business Director, Joerg will be promoting the strategy and implementation of SolidCAM Additive worldwide, with a focus on DACH and the US, in close cooperation with all SolidCAM branches and resellers.

Joerg visited last week Desktop Metal HQ in Burlington, MA, for an important strategy meeting with Thomas Nogueira, Desktop Metal COO, who was also joined by Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal CEO.

Our motto CNC meets Additive is in line with the future sales strategy of Desktop Metal; DM wants to sell 3D printers in combination with solutions. Customers must understand the advantages of 3D Metal Printing (mainly Binder Jetting) to achieve the best results. SolidCAM has a very strong USP in the combination of Additive and CNC.

We wish Jörg all success in his Business Director role: every SolidCAM Manufacturing customer worldwide is also a potential customer for SolidCAM Additive!