SolidCAM 2021 - The Future of CAM

Listening and responding to customer needs is a principle that is deeply rooted in the SolidCAM “DNA”. After a three-year development period, SolidCAM2021 was released and presented during a unique online event: “SolidCAM World 2021 – Virtual Summit”. For the first time in such an event, not only SolidCAM worldwide branches, affiliates, and resellers, but also all customers and interested prospects, were invited to participate live in the event. The recordings of this important event can be found at: 

The new SolidCAM tool management “ToolKit” was introduced, in addition to numerous further developments. In the new ToolKit, it is now possible to import 3D tool data seamlessly, including tool holders, directly from the tool manufacturers cloud-based tool databases. The goal was to make the tool assembly process, as easy as possible for the user. Based on how tools are assembled in real life, the new ToolKit offers the possibility to assemble tools, their holders, and additional components, exactly as it is done, when tools are assembled in the machine shop.  

New functions were also implemented in Simultaneous 5x, offering a big saving in CAM programming time. These new functions include SolidCAM Edge Breaking, which automatically detects all edges to be deburred and creates a collision-free toolpath and SolidCAM Edge trimming, which can be used especially in the composites industry, to remove excess material from parts during manufacturing. Another function that is available to all Simultaneous5x customers under subscription, is SIM5X Auto 3+2 Roughing, which automatically roughs parts from all possible sides, without any manual intervention by the operator.  

A new SolidCAM Simulator was also launched, providing amazing graphical simulation of all SolidCAM operations. This simulator provides multi-channel simulations and combines all the modes of the previous SolidCAM simulations, in one integrated, easy-to-use interface.  

An additional newcomer to this version is the CIMCO Edit Professional, which has been integrated directly into SolidCAM, to provide users with one of the most advanced G-code editors in the market. A seamless export of SolidCAM information, makes CIMCO Edit very useful for SolidCAM customers.  

The SolidCAM Mill-Turn and Swiss functionality have been further enhanced in SolidCAM2021. SolidCAM offers today the only SOLIDWORKS integrated solution, that supports all multi-channel Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CNC machines.  

Dr. Emil Somekh, Founder and CEO of SolidCAM, is confident that SolidCAM is laying further new foundations for the future of CAM. “We have already revolutionized the machining world with iMachining and will do so again with our current project – AI-based Capturing Best Practices. In our next versions, SolidCAM will be equipped with artificial intelligence on an unprecedented scale. This technology is currently a novelty in the CAM market, and we are consistently pursuing this goal. 

Michael Leditzky, Technical COO of SolidCAM Germany, is convinced that, in addition to excellent CAM software, service and support must be offered at the very highest level. At SolidCAM, this is ensured by global and local support teams, composed of CNC machining and SolidCAM CAM experts, assisting customers, both online and onsite, regarding technical queries and complex manufacturing and post tasks.  

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Register also for one of our upcoming weekly SolidCAM webinars or watch already recorded webinars, that highlight the new functionality in SolidCAM2021. In addition, SolidCAM offers free 60 days trial version, directly for download from our website.