SolidCAM + SolidCAM Additive = Manufacturing Unlimited!

On May 1, 2022, SolidCAM Additive GmbH was launched in Germany to provide Desktop Metal 3D Printing products to SolidCAM’s 5,000 CNC manufacturing customers in DACH. Metal 3D printing will provide an important complement to CNC manufacturing, at all SolidCAM customers. SolidCAM Additive Inc is being established to handle SolidCAM US customers. Eventually we will expand our sales effort, through all our Branches, Affiliates and Resellers, to our 20,000 SolidCAM CNC customers worldwide.

Combining our CNC manufacturing deep knowledge, our technically very experienced teams in manufacturing and our worldwide branches, affiliates and resellers network, with Desktop Metal amazing Binder-Jetting Metal printing systems, could produce great results in every aspect – including figuring out the right processes on how CNC machining and Additive Manufacturing become complementary.

SolidCAM Additive GmbH has already added a Desktop Metal Studio 2 system to its Schramberg Technology Center and is in the process of adding a SHOP system also.

Establishing our Additive Manufacturing technology centers, besides our CNC technology centers, is a very essential ingredient for a spectacular success. They provide several essential tasks:

  1. Best train our SolidCAM Additive dedicated sales and technical staff on AM equipment and processes.
  2. Manufacture suitable sample AM parts for our CNC customers.
  3. Do customer days with sample AM parts and explain the Studio or Shop systems processes that manufactured them.
  4. Online live webinars for our 20,000 current customers worldwide, that explains the whole AM process and its CNC complementary aspect.

The growing impact of Additive Manufacturing has been well documented over the past couple of years. During the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, 3D printing played a critical role in repairing vulnerabilities in supply chains, especially in the medical sector.

Now it seems that even the American government is recognizing its importance. The Biden Administration has joined GE Aviation, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Siemens Energy to launch Additive Manufacturing Forward (AM Forward), which aims to encourage the use of 3D printing technologies in companies across the United States.

“AM Forward will help lower costs for American families by improving the competitiveness of America’s small-and-medium-sized manufacturers, creating and sustaining high-paying manufacturing jobs, and improving supply chain resilience through adoption of additive manufacturing.”





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