SolidCAM World 2023​: Where Innovation and Vision Converged

SolidCAM World 2023

Where Innovation and Vision Converged

The SolidCAM World Summit 2023 was not just an event; it was a profound learning experience for everyone that delved deep into the world of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Over the course of three enriching days, attendees and online viewers were immersed in a world of innovation, vision, and technical prowess.

Day 1: The Warm Welcome and Networking

The summit commenced with a delightful cocktail reception evening, setting the tone for a wonderful event filled with camaraderie and connections. It was a heartwarming testament to the sense of unity that enveloped the gathering. This provided an exceptional opportunity for networking and getting to know each other, as well as some of the key figures within the SolidCAM community, including Emil, Linda, Natalie and Davis Somekh. Interactions flowed seamlessly, and attendees quickly found themselves gelling with one another, fostering meaningful connections.

Day 2: Immersion in SolidCAM’s World

The second day of this remarkable event, started with a captivating presentation by Linda Somekh. She skilfully introduced everyone to SolidCAM’s global teams, granting a peek into the company’s vast network. The pinnacle of her presentation was the creation of SolidCAM-branded pens, with one crafted from aluminum and the other from titanium. The aluminum pens became tangible mementos for all attendees, while the titanium pens turned into special rewards for those who answered her questions correctly.

Emil Somekh’s keynote address was undoubtedly the day’s highlight. With his visionary insights, he painted a vivid portrait of SolidCAM’s future, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation and anticipating forthcoming industry trends. Natalie Somekh’s presentation followed with invaluable glimpses into the company’s business objectives of reaching 50,000 SolidCAM industrial seats and 10% market share and how, as a unified SolidCAM team, employees, affiliates, resellers and partners can contribute to their realization.

The day continued to unfold with a series of technical presentations, each guided by experts like Michael Vinetsky, Ken Merritt, Daniel Djurica, Amod Onkar, and Zvika Friedman. These presentations navigated us through diverse SolidCAM modules and innovative features, providing a comprehensive understanding of the CAM software’s capabilities.

Ilker Uludag, CEO of Tekyaz, SolidCAM’s largest reseller, took the stage to offer everyone an unexpected and enlightening geography lesson about Istanbul, shedding light on Istanbul and Turkey’s profound significance for the SolidCAM market. Next Kevin Rankl approached the subject of SolidCAM for operators in a manner that was not only engaging but also enjoyable, making complex technical information easily digestible.

As the day ended, Anuj Bhandari’s presentation brought forward a fresh approach to technical sales aimed at driving revenue growth. Subsequently, we were treated to a delightful dinner on the Bosphorus cruise ship, where we were immersed in the rich culture of Turkey through mesmerizing dance performances by local Turkish artists. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and cultural enrichment, making our SolidCAM World experience truly exceptional.

Day 3: Exploring the Future of CAM

The final day dawned with Emil presenting eye-opening facts and figures sourced from the CIMdata 2023 Market Analysis Report Series. These statistics underscored the industry’s increasing demand for sophisticated CAM solutions and highlighted SolidCAM’s prominent role in pioneering innovations for its customers.

Joerg Vollmann-Schipper and Michael Leditzky introduced everyone to SolidCAM Additive, offering insight into the future of CNC machining through additive manufacturing. Gürsel Demircali from Desktop Metal shared how 3D printing systems are opening new avenues for mass production, sparking innovation. Shelly Dahan provided valuable insights into building customer loyalty through subscription models, creating alternative revenue streams. Amod Onkar took everyone on a comprehensive journey through SolidCAM’s powerful Sim5X Solution, showcasing its potential impact.

Post-lunch, a captivating musical performance celebrated Turkey’s cultural richness which was followed by Mladen Otaševic and Milan Gligorijević sharing practical tips and tricks that benefitted every SolidCAM user.

Michael Leditzky shared inspiring customer success stories, demonstrating SolidCAM’s diverse contributions to various industries. The day concluded with a focus on the importance of fostering partnerships, presented by Ivan Cimr and Greg Payton. Awards were bestowed upon those who achieved excellence in the previous year.

Emil’s closing remarks emphasized SolidCAM’s unwavering spirit and core value of ‘Strength in Independence,’ reaffirming the company’s dedication to innovation, self-sufficiency, and relentless determination. It serves as a testament to SolidCAM’s ethos and robust vision for the future.

The final day concluded with a delightful visit to the Istnbul Galataport, situated right on the picturesque Bosphorus. This area, also serving as a cruise port, offered a fantastic array of restaurants and shops, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all the attendees.

Overall, the SolidCAM World Summit 2023 proved to be an enlightening and inspirational journey, deepening everyone’s understanding of SolidCAM’s vision, capabilities, and its potential to shape the future of CAM. The summit culminated with the resounding message that SolidCAM is more than just a product; it’s a revolution transforming manufacturing and a promise to meet again at SolidCAM World 2024 in Bavaria, Germany next year.

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