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Uncover comprehensive insights into SolidCAM’s groundbreaking iMachining, Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type solutions, as well as the game-changing SolidCAM Additive, poised to transform the global CNC machining industry.

This in-depth article explores the life of Dr. Emil Somekh – from early challenges, escaping the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, to the founding of SolidCAM and the revolutionizing of the CAM software industry. Since the founding of SolidCAM thirty-seven years ago, the company has provided the most advanced CAM technology in the CNC machining market, thanks in no small part to Dr. Somekh’s ingenuity and notable abilities in development, marketing, and sales.

From the Iron Dome to Intel processors, to Toyota vehicles and HP printers, almost in every product manufactured today, the software developed by the company SolidCAM was used in the process. The SolidCAM software saves considerable time and manufacturing costs for manufacturers around the world.

Swiss-Type CNC machines are used to manufacture extremely small and precise parts, with tight tolerances, rapidly and accurately in many industries, including spinal and dental implants to medical instruments to miniature aerospace components. With the help of SolidCAM’s advanced CAM software, CNC machine shops can significantly optimize their Swiss CNC processes.

The largest manufacturers in the world, from aerospace to automotive to tens of thousands of smaller manufacturers and machine shops, use SolidCAM’s patented iMachining technology in CNC machining. This innovative technology reduces machining cycle time by 70% and more and extends the cutting tools’ life five times and more.