SolidCAM & ModuleWOrks - Taking the Right Decisions

“Taking the right decision at critical junctures, is the key! Life is the sum total of all those important decisions, taken without having the full facts, but based on intuition, courage and daring!” – Dr. Emil Somekh


The early stage of SolidCAM was a fully developed CAD/CAM system. However, Dr. Emil Somekh, founder and CEO of SolidCAM, realized that in order to develop a great CAM product, the focus should be on CAM only, and for CAD to integrate with a commercially available solid CAD system. The choice for that was the best known and widely used CAD in the market, SOLIDWORKS.

That decision of course enabled SolidCAM to develop into the excellent CAM software it is today. Yet, many more important decisions were to come; the next arose from the need for a Sim5X solution for the SolidCAM software.

At SOLIDWORKS World in 2002, Emil was made aware that Yavuz Murtezaoglu might be able to provide the Sim 5X solution. At Euromold in Germany, Emil met Yavuz, and learned that Yavuz has developed an add-on Sim5X module for another CAM system. Yavuz said he was currently at a decision point, to either sell the Sim5X solution to that CAM software or start his own company and license the Sim5X module to all other CAM systems.

Emil believes in component software development, as the developers work hard to ensure those components are the best they can be. So, at the end of their discussion, Emil encouraged Yavuz to start his own company, with SolidCAM as their first customer.

Having decided to take the risk and create his own company, Yavuz spent New Year’s Eve at a job shop machining benchmark Sim5X parts with his software. The parts he machined were express mailed for SolidCAM’s inspection, were greenlighted, and just like that ModuleWorks was born.

Emil and Yavuz agree that the subsequent success of SolidCAM and ModuleWorks would not have happened without their meeting and collaborating with each other. In fact, Sim5X was only the beginning. Over the years, SolidCAM added more technologies to their CAM software, that were licensed via the strong partnership with ModuleWorks.

Simply put, SolidCAM and ModuleWorks have a great relationship, an amazing collaborative partnership, and bright futures for both in the years to come.