The Saga of Disappearing CAM companies...


In the last 10 years, most of the independent CAM companies have disappeared, swallowed by much bigger conglomerates.

See the amazing story in the attached Excel file:…nyqqxefra85rf5

It is clear that these CAM companies sold out because they had no confidence in the future of their CAM products and decided to quit the race.

The conglomerates who collected all these CAM products have now the major problem of deciding which products to focus on their future developments, and their marketing and sales push. As a result, many of these CAM products suffer from neglect and wither away – a big problem for CNC customers working with them for a long time!

Today, there are mainly two independent worldwide CAM companies left standing: SolidCAM & MasterCAM.

SolidCAM has today major advantages over MasterCAM, including:
1. The amazing iMachining technology that far surpasses the Dynamic Milling of MasterCAM.
2. SolidCAM’s Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss solutions are several levels higher than anything MasterCAM can offer.
3. Our SolidCAM2021 simulation capabilities are far superior to MasterCAM’s.
4. Our new tool table in SolidCAM2021, is far more advanced than MasterCAM’s one.
5. Our flexible, easily customizable post-processors are far superior to MasterCAM’s posts.
6. The seamless integration of SolidCAM in SolidWorks that really works – as supposed to the lame and very limited MasterCAM integration.…m-vs-mastercam

For any customer buying a new CAM system today, SolidCAM offers the most advanced, stable, easy-to-use and to learn, and best well-supported CAM solution; SolidCAM is the Master and Future of CAM!

–> Sequel 26/8/2021

So MasterCAM was also acquired today by Sandvik!

MasterCAM did bad integration in SolidWorks, bought useless Sylvie Expert product for Swiss, has very weak multi-channel multi-tasking mill-turn, very inferior dynamic milling to iMachining…doubtful FUTURE so they sold and quit!

SolidCAM is different from all those disappearing CAM companies, including MasterCAM:

  • SolidCAM is a Strong, Independent, Customer-focused, Complete CAM system, seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks and Inventor.
  • With our powerful Customer-centric R&D, we keep supporting our CNC customers, up to the most complex mill-turn and Swiss CNCs
  • While all the other CAM systems have sold out, SolidCAM won’t compromise our mission to provide the best CAM products and best technical and postprocessor support on the planet, to our manufacturing customers.