SolidCAM India – A powerful operation!

We started in India by working with a major SolidWorks reseller, who wanted to sell SolidCAM, integrated in SolidWorks. They hired one technical support person for SolidCAM, that we trained. However, the sales results were limited, considering the potential, and we decided to launch SolidCAM India to do both direct sales and work with SolidWorks resellers, CAM resellers, machine tool partners, and cutting tool partners.

Our first main recruit for SolidCAM India as Country Manager was Amod Onkar, who had a long-term carrier in CAD/CAM, including 3D Milling, Sim5X Milling, and mold design and machining. Amod had worked for Cimatron in India for a long period before he moved to SolidCAM and was very proficient in knowing the capabilities of most of our CAM competitors in the Indian market.

After Amod joined us, we were able to recruit two more Cimatron employees, Anuj Bhandari and Arun Kumar. Both had long-term technical and sales experience in CAD/CAM. Anuj, located in Delhi, became responsible for North India sales and Arun, located in Bangalore, became responsible for South India. Obviously, we hired many additional technical staff all over India.

In addition to his function as SolidCAM India Country manager, Amod also took the responsibilities of being our 3D Milling and Sim5X product manager, working closely with our R&D team worldwide. We also established a QA team in SolidCAM India, that works with our worldwide QA team.

In addition to direct sales, SolidCAM India created partnerships with SolidWorks resellers and CAM resellers. Technical support was provided at the best level both to customers and resellers. Also, excellent partnerships were created with Indian CNC machine manufacturers and resellers.

Lately, Anuj Bhandari became sales manager for all of India, working closely with Amod, Arun, and all our sales staff. SolidCAM India started also powerful activity in UAE, recruiting three new resellers there, two being SolidWorks resellers. We already had booths at several UAE exhibitions in Q4, 2021, managed by SolidCAM India staff with our new resellers.

SolidCAM India has today 44 staff and 1,000 customers, and it is the biggest branch after SolidCAM Germany. We expect more growth soon, on the way to becoming the No. 1 CAM company in India and the Middle East.