SolidCAM CEO Message: Year 2022 - The Year of Maximum SolidCAM Sales!

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SolidCAM2021 SP4 is released now – every SolidCAM customer should get it, by being on a valid subscription!

We have today the most advanced CAM system in the world and every CNC CAM programmer deserves to get it!

Main SolidCAM advantages:

  • Integration with the main CAD products, SolidWorks and Inventor–seamless integration and full design model associativity.
  • The easiest to learn and to use CAM system – with a Structure and User model so clear, that a new user could figure it out in minimum time!
  • Most advanced tool table in the CAM field.
  • Offering the unique, amazing, and revolutionary iMachining 2D/3D technology, with the best time saving, optimum toolpaths, dramatic tool life savings and the only really working iMachining wizard in the industry, that takes out the guesswork of setting the optimum cutting conditions.
  • Most advanced Simulation in the CAM field.
  • Easily customized, best post-processors in the CAM world.
  • Complete CAM solution for all CNC machine types, especially for the fastest-growing niche of multi-channel, advanced mill-turn CNCs, including Swiss-type, where we provide today the absolute best CAM solution.
  • Providing important complementary solutions, like the Shop Floor Editor/Simulator, CIMCO Edit tight integration and, the SolidMetal interactive manufacturing workplace

Best Regards,
Emil Somekh

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